Need a job done right?

Hire a Gig!

Our services include:

  • Bodyguard work

  • Security details

  • Showing up in force

  • Escorting people places (living or other)

  • Medical attention

  • Reconnaissance & observation

  • Research

  • Running errands, retrieving or fetching things (whether they belong to you or not)

  • Carrying things for you

  • Getting kids or animals out of trees

  • Engineering services

  • Fashion advice!

Need something else done? Connect with the agent in PF and we'll sort something out.

Fake Gil Jobs

Jobs that offer valuable RP opportunities for Gigs don't have to be paid for with actual Gil. These jobs:

  • tend to only require a Gig or two,

  • may take advantage of our mercenary / military culture,

  • don't require large time commitments.

Real Gil Jobs

Jobs that don't offer RP opportunities or require large time commitments have to be paid for with actual Gil. These jobs:

  • tend to require more than a few Gigs,

  • include recurring venue work (IC or OOC).

Terms of Service

  • In-character jobs are our primary focus. We don't provide:

  • Full staffing for RP venues,

  • Any ERP services.

  • Out-of-character jobs are accepted on a case by case basis. For Real Gil only. We don't provide:

  • Fills for raid or similar content.

  • Full staffing for OOC venues.

  • Jobs can be scheduled, or completed on the spot if we have Gigs available to pick them up.

  • Follow-up work is to be scheduled with the agent in PF only.

  • We are a PG-13 group, but will take on work that falls outside of 'what you would see in FFXIV' if we have willing participants available. Be honest and upfront about jobs where this may be relevant so nobody ends up in situations they're not comfortable with! Gigs are advised to leave at any time if they feel they've been roped into something they did not agree to.

  • We typically work with more lore-grounded material. If you don't know if your task falls in that category, just ask! Sometimes we make exceptions.

  • Clients who abuse these terms will be blacklisted.